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Special Cabinets:

Lund can custom build to meet your needs.

Auto Cabinets, Jail Cabinets, Bank Cabinet, etc.

Need to know:
1. What kind of keys you are hanging?
2. How big are keys? (If you can e-mail a pic of key will be helpful)
3. How many keys?
     * will they be hanging directly on hook
       or Hanging on key rings?
      - If on key rings?  How big is key ring?  How many keys on each ring?
4. Once all info is received will then be able to type up a quote that will meet your needs. Cab size depends on capacity needed.


Let us know what kind of key you are hanging and we will be able to point you in the right direction for a cabinet that will meet your specific needs.



D-Line Auto, 380-H Panel in cab, 2504 Special with panels on top & bottom of cab, Paracentric keys, Foldger Adams Panel.